Counselling Supervision in Totnes, Devon, TQ9

Supervision can be supportive, challenging, interesting and creative. It can be a place to reflect and explore things from different perspectives, to share concerns about a client, or to celebrate their successes. Ideally it is also a safe-enough place to open up to our own humanity and vulnerability and give ourselves a chance to raise awareness of, learn from, and appreciate, our habits and blindspots.

I was asked to start supervising students in 2009, and shortly after enrolled on, and completed, a Diploma in Clinical and Creative Supervision at the Dartmoor Centre, Newton Abbot. I now offer supervision to both qualified and student counsellors. I also work with other professionals who want an opportunity to reflect on their work with clients.

My initial counselling training was broadly humanistic, with an emphasis on gestalt. My approach has evolved since then to be particularly relevant for those who have, or wish to nurture, an emphasis on immediacy/ present awareness in their work, or have an interest in somatic/ body-oriented approaches.  I'm also really open to exploring people's own individual approach and supporting the development and healthy practice of this.